100 days travel in 2014

I want to keep my world traveller spirit in 2015. In order to operationalise my goal, I need to look into where I’ve been in the past year.

Kansai area, Japan

Finally I visited Japan for the first time in my life in 2014. It was absolutely wonderful! Japan is undoubtedly my favourite!

Taipei, Taiwan

I went back to Taiwan for Chinese new year. It was wonderful to be home.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

New York City and LA, the United States

I went to NYC again for the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. I learned tremulously from my two-week stay there. I met friends, old and new. After NYC I went to LA immediately via Virgin America. It was a budget airline with a night club touch: with pop music style and purple inflight lights. It was real to meet my best friend before she embark her journey with peace corp.

Leiden and Utrecht, Netherlands

A professor from Leiden University invited me to share my experience as an indigenous researcher in a conference he hosted. It was great. I had a feeling that I might be able to survive the academic life. People were really helpful and kind there. I went to Utrecht briefly after Leiden to visit friends. The train was convenient and comfortable.

Como lake and Tuscany, Italy

Como lake was absolutely breathtaking. The landscape reminded me of Game of Thrones for some reason. I enjoy exploring the surrounding by boat and foot. Tuscany was amazing, too. I wasn’t so impressed by the food though. I need to go to Southern Italy for good food, it seems.

Brussels, Brugge, Antwerp, Ghent, Belgium

Relaxing trip with friends. I really enjoyed the Belgium beer 🙂

So in total I travelled to six countries in 2014. I was in Japan approximately 12 days, in Taiwan for a month, in Amsterdam for 4 days, in the US for a month, in Leiden and Utrecht for 4 days, in Italy for two weeks and Belgium for 5 days. So in total around 100 days! Honestly I didn’t realized I backpacked for such a long time! I hope in 2015 I am able to keep up the spirit and enjoy every moment of living.





班堡是聯合國教科文組織認定的歷史遺產,她有著相當輝煌的歷史,比如說北德以及匈牙利的建築風格就深受她影響。在18世紀末期,班堡是啟蒙運動在南德的中心,影響深遠的哲學家黑格爾跟作家赫夫曼曾經住過這裡(source: UNESCO Town of Bamberg)。

如果要去班堡,飛到紐倫堡(NUE)再轉火車是最近最方便的方式。很多飛機都會飛紐倫堡,像是Airberlin, Air France/KLM (Cityjet), Germanwings, Lufthansa, Ryanair, Turkish Airlines 跟 Vueling。廉價航空查詢歡迎參考Swoodoo, Opodo 或是 Germanwings。班堡距離紐倫堡70公里,坐火車大概時間花費是37-56分鐘(看你坐的火車是多快的火車),詳情可查德國國鐵網站。如果不想飛紐倫堡,可以飛法蘭克福國際機場(注意!不是法蘭克福Hahn機場喔)。從法蘭克福到班堡大概是230公里,坐ICE(中間轉Würzburg)大概花兩小時多一點。車票如果早點定,來回大概40歐就可以訂到喔。