Preparation for hiking -2

I am so excited about hiking in Lapland! I went around the house and digged out the long-forgotten hiking stuff from the closets. I went to the outdoor shop for the headlamp, sit pad and pants. It was fun to try to gather things from four corners and just hope they work!

This is what I had prepared so far after visiting H:

This is what I had, after a week of digging around and shopping.

I showed this picture to Nora, my friend who used to have a life as outdoor guide and worked in an outdoor shop she approved of these gears. It must mean I am not at least too wrong in the preparation process 🙂

I heard that it is snowing in Lapland already. To make sure I will not freeze to death, I have bought and borrowed these babies:

I have always wanted a silk liner, and I would say this hike gives a perfect excuse to acquire one. The sleeping bag and compus are Nora’s. I was impressed that the huge down sleeping bag fits in to this small bag!

To save me from my increasing pressure of anxiety, Nora shared me a list of things to bring based on her experience ♡ I feel that I can finally brethe again! Growing up in Asia, I LOVE to-do lists!! I can hardly function without one. Nora’s list is precisely what I needed.

Stuff for weekend hiking late autumn:

1x waterproof jacket
1x waterproof pants
1x fleece or other warm longsleeve
1x thin down jacket or another warm fleece or something
1x normal outdoor pants
1-2x leggings/thin wool pants
1x thin longsleeve
1x t-shirt (wool if possible)
2x thin wool socks
1x thick wool sock
(save one of the socks for sleeping, the two others can be used simultaneously to lessen chance of blisters)
1x warm hat
1x glove
2x “buff” or other scarf thing (one for neck, one for ears)
2x underwear/bra
(1x hiking towel or other really small one)
Hiking boots (remember to waterproof with spray/wax, depending on material)

Own equipment:
Water proof packing bags for clothes
1 sleeping bag
1 foam/plastic sleeping mattress (if not meant for winter use, then take two or one inflatable + one foam)
1 headlamp
1 cup/plate/spork type thing
1 drinking bottle á 1 litre
Toilet paper in mini grip/plastic bag
Insect repellent
Other hygiene stuff of own choice (in as small amount as possible)
Fire (matches/fire steel/lighter) in a mini grip
First aid pack (including sport tape 2-3 cm to prevent blisters and for example: antiseptic, painkillers, wound-cleaning gauze, sterile dressings, bandage tape, plasters, tweezers, scissors, antihistaminets, sunburn treatment, insect repellent, insect bite treatment, medication for pre-existing medical conditions)
Toothbrush + small tooth paste
(knife or multitool)
(Book to read)
(Sunglasses + sunscreen)

Together with other group:
Silver tape (to fix things with), maybe repair kit for tent
Trangia/other to make food with
Small sponge to clean food equipment + ecological soap
Gas or other fuel for the burner
Map + waterproof folder
Bag for trash
(Water container to bring water from stream to camp)

Foam mattress and eating container from Nora

Just two days before heading to the north, I found out that Lapland had the first snow of the year! Jeez, I hope I would survive in my tent in the snowy weather! Well, we’ll find out soon enough 😉

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