Finland, a country of layers

Finland is a country with layers at many levels. 

When you meet a Finn, you have to go through the “layers” to really become on speaking terms. It will take another few layers for you to go out with him or her for coffee, and another few layers to really become a friend.

When you go to a house in Finland, chances are you will find yourself being inside a 18 degree C environment though it might be -10 degrees. Why? Because houses in Finland are built in “layers”.  It is hard to see from outside but you will the difference when winter comes.

the layers are necessary in finnish houses


the layers are necessary for insallation

You can easily find “layers” also when you go home– when you go to sleep! I got so used to the layered bed that I found sleeping on a bed without at least double mattress almost unbearable. 

I will keep you posted on other layers I emcounter…


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