台灣水煎包 Taiwanese pan-fried buns

I am not a very good cook.

I still remember that I didn’t know how to make rice (meaning, the most basic food in my culture) four years back. Over the years of random trial and errors, I advanced greatly via learning from other people’s recipes.


台灣水煎包是我最喜歡的台灣料理之一。This dish is my  Taiwanese favourite of all time!

台灣水煎包是我最喜歡的台灣料理之一。This dish is my Taiwanese favourite of all time!

台灣水煎包 Taiwanese pan-fried buns

數量 Amount of buns: 16

花費時間:麵團我花了兩小時發酵,其他包加煎大概一小時。  Time: the dough takes 2 hours, total 3 hours.

材料 ingredients

1. 內餡 Stuffing

  • 絞肉 minced meat 390g
  • 韭菜 leek 165g
  • 雞蛋 egg x1
  • 白胡椒粉 white pepper 2 tea spoon
  • 醬油 soy sauce 2 table spoon
  • 料理米酒 cooking wine 2 table spoon
  • 麻油 sesame oil 1 tea spoon
  • 鹽巴 salt 1 tea spoon
  • 太白粉 potato starch 1/2 tea spoon
  • 薑泥 grated ginger 2 teaspoon (see how to grate ginger here)
  • 牛肉口味的果凍狀湯底 beef stock pot / capsule x1 (this is how it looks like, thanks Lauren :D!)

2. 麵團 Dough

  • 中筋麵粉 flour 400g
  • 乾酵母 dry east 7g
  • 溫水 warm water 1.5 cup (180ml, 大同電鍋的水杯)
  • 橄欖油 olive oil 1 table spoon
  • 少許砂糖 a pinch of sugar
  • 少許鹽巴 a pinch of salt

步驟 Step by step

麵團的部分 About the dough

  1. 把乾酵母泡在溫水裡面5分鐘,然後倒進400公克的麵粉裡面。然後加水加到總共1.5個電鍋杯的量,加上鹽巴、砂糖,最後加進橄欖油,好好認真的揉麵團。Put the dry yeast into warm water for 5 minutes, pour it in the bowl where you have 400 g of flour. Then add total 1.5 cups of water (including the previous dry-yeast water), sugar, salt and lastly olive oil. Push, fold, slap, roll the dough.
  2. 麵團滾圓,收口向下,表面灑一點水 After kneading the dough, roll it into round shape and make the silky, elastic, pretty side up. Sprinkle some water on the surface of the dough
  3. 用濕布把裝著你寶貝麵團的盆子蓋好,放在溫暖的地方(我這邊外面約零度,所以我放電磁爐邊,想說這樣會輻射熱可能會讓麵團發得比較好)Cover your dough with moist cloth. I stored it near the stove because the outdoor temperature was around 0 Celsius.
  4. 我調手機鬧鈴一個半小時,然後響之後開始把內餡的料拿出來擺好,這樣一來差不多讓麵團發了兩個小時。I set my alarm for 1.5 hours. When the alarm rang, I set the table for making the bum– the total time for the dough to grow was about 2 hours.

內餡的部分 [溫馨提醒~步驟1,2花的時間長,需要多一點時間準備. Note: you might need more time for step 1 and 2, so make sure you leave enough time for them]

  1. 把絞肉剁碎一點,到有一點黏性的跡象就可以。把韭菜切成大概0.2公分小段。 Chop the minced meat so it becomes finer. Chop the leek into 0.2 cm.
  2. 把牛肉凍湯底那個切碎倒入,把所有內餡的材料均勻攪在一起 Cut the beef stock pot / capsule into small pieces. Mix well the jelly, minced meat, leek and all the stuffing ingredients.
把東西都準備好再開始包,又愜意又輕鬆 Prepare everything before you embark the bun-making business!

把東西都準備好再開始包,又愜意又輕鬆 Prepare everything before you embark the bun-making business!

怎麼包? How to make the buns?

  1. 把發好的麵團放在撒有麵粉的沾板上,花一到兩分鐘揉一揉把空氣揉出來。Sprinkle flour on your dry chopping board, take out your dough and knead it for 1-2 minutes so the air comes out.
  2. 把麵團切一半,一半放回去蓋有濕布的容器裡面(防止它乾掉),另一半把他分成八等份。Divide the dough into half. Put half of the dough back to the container and cover it with moist cloth (just in case it gets dry). Divide another half into 8 pieces.
  3. 把小麵團壓扁,桿皮(或用手,都可以)把小麵團用到中間厚周圍薄。Make the small dough pieces into round shape, push it flat. Use the rolling pin (or just your hands) to make the pancake-shaped dough thinner on the margin and thicker in the middle. (for reference, see this video from 楊桃美食網, around 7 minute he demonstrates how to make the dough)
  4. 麵皮光滑朝外,放入內餡(跟麵皮重量差不多為原則),一邊轉一邊折,重點是不要讓餡露出來 Make the smoother side of the dough the outside of your bun. Put the stuffing in the middle of the pancake-shaped dough (rule of the thumb: the same weigh of the stuffing as the dough itself). Gently turn and fold the bun up so the stuffing is in.

怎麼煎?How to pan-fried it?

  1. 平底鍋燒熱(我先調到6,然後慢慢熱了之後再降到5),加上兩湯匙半的油。Heat up the pan (I heated up stove with max heat, 6, after the pan is getting hot I decreased it to 5 ). Add two table spoons of oil into the pan.
  2. 把包好的水煎包排好到平底鍋裡面,讓水煎包底部上色。Place the buns neatly into the pan, making the bottom of the buns nice and beautiful brown.
  3. 把水加熱,把這熱水分三次加入平底鍋裡面:加,蓋蓋子,等它水分收乾,再加,蓋蓋子,耐心等它收乾,再加,蓋蓋子,等它收乾。這樣的過程大約花10分鐘。Heat up the water. Add the hot water in the pan (so the water covers the pan surface) three times. That is, add the water, cover the lid, wait that the water disappear; then add again, cover the lid, wait that the water disappear; and finally add water again, cover the lid, wait until the water disappear. The whole process was about 10 minutes.
  4. 水煎包上加一些芝麻,趁熱吃!Sprinkle some sesame on the buns, serve immediately.
Bums and dumplings. 水煎包與水餃

Bums and dumplings. 水煎包與水餃

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